Bulk vs. Single-Serve Snacks

by Anthony DiEleuterio RDN, LDN


The COVID-19 Pandemic had a significant impact on both the food distribution and childcare industry.  Ordering and preparing food became an obstacle for many to ensure safety while so much was still unknown.  One drastic change that helped childcare centers to abide by new health protocols was making the switch from bulk to single serving products.  Fortunately, these times are behind us allowing for more relaxed ordering and preparation.  Let’s take a closer look at the difference between the two pack sizes to determine which one might be the best option for your childcare center.


  • Cost effective:  Per serving, bulk items tend to cost less.  This cost is still less even when calculating in supplies necessary such as plates or bowls.
  • Easier storage:  These items tend to contain much less packaging, which will allow for more space in your facility.
  • Portion control:  Serve the correct amount of food that you need. Dial in your portion sizes without serving too much.

Single Serving

  • Time savings:  Less preparation is involved, which reduces labor costs.  This also puts less stress on the cooks or food preparation workers.
  • Food safety:  With the food being pre-packaged, this creates less chances for food to become contaminated.
  • On the go:  Perfect for when you need to easily take a snack outside the kitchen or the classroom.  Ideal for field trips.


Both options have their own advantages!  Luckily, here at Novick, we have you covered with these different offerings.  The choice is yours!